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We are a dynamic and rapidly growing automations contractor. We have several positions open. Come join our growing team. We offer top pay, incentives, and overtime to qualified personnel.


Are you looking for a demanding position? We are looking to double our size in the next 1.5 years in our high-tech industry. Management skill in process implementation and the ability to assist in growing the company is required. This job requires extreme attention to detail.

This is an exciting position for someone looking to take on greater responsibility. (If you are a student or assistant in an accounting position--stop reading now--sorry, this is a higher level position. We do not have time to train someone and grow at the pace desired.)

Applicant must have job experience in accounting at all levels from accounts receivable to negotiations with the bank and potential teaming companies. Experience in the construction industry is a benefit.

Must have a minimum of the following:
-- 10 Years of on-the-job accounting experience
-- Full understanding of financial statements
-- Ability to meet deadlines requiring coordination with other parties
-- Desire to push the limits of your current abilities
-- Interest in high-tech Energy Management business
-- Accounting or Management Degree
-- Strong References
-- Good attitude and ability to handle demanding position.
-- Work ethics reflective of integrity and excellence, two of our company's core values

Our company is in a highly competitive industry and we compete against large companies including Honeywell, Johnson Controls and Siemens. We are a small company which performs some of the most high-tech projects in our geographic area. We take pride in our work and care about providing our clients with only the best. We need this work ethic in all employees. If you have any thoughts of sending out a resume that is not highly professional or if including a cover letter describing why you are interested in our position is too demanding, do not even apply. We would not feel comfortable having you work with our banker, let alone one of our clients.

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Equal Opportunity Employer

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