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Facilities Management systems are not an out-of-the- box product. Each facility is unique in its use and design and therefore requires a thorough under- standing of what the owners/tenants objectives are with regard to a Building Automation Control solution.

Systems 4 gathers information by listening to an owners objectives, analyzing those needs, and designing a custom engineered solution to meet the requirements. Each system we install is designed to meet the demands of every client we serve by providing customized solutions.

The Facilities Management Systems engineered by Systems 4 have the ability to control each site's heating, ventilating, air conditioning, lighting, fire, and access from a single point or remotely via the Internet.

Features can include the determination of alarm conditions, automatic dial-out notification, preventative maintenance tracking, automated extra-hours usage activation and tenant billing, computer room monitoring, and other enhancements to better manage the unique assets of your facility.

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